Carla Frick: you have to have passion for music and sports.

A mountain bike world championship is a sporting event, but the organizing committee in Albstadt does not settle for the implementation from the starting signal to the award ceremony. The thousands of visitors who will be staying in the Bullentäle and the town in June, and of course the locals, will also be offered cultural highlights at the same time. The singer Carla Frick from Albstadt has been put in charge of the musical program schedule. A new challenge for the versatile 29-year-old and at the same time her first contact with cross-country sports.


Carla Frick is a well-known character in Albstadt and the region. As a singer this is not unusual. But because she is involved in the pop genre as well as classical music and opera, Carla Frick is able to reach a wider audience. In conversation she appears uncomplicated, humorous and open. This may also have been one reason why she was asked to get involved in the World Championship cultural program and thus move on new territory in two respects.


Carla Frick, you will take charge of the musical cultural program within the framework of the Mountain Bike World Championships in Albstadt. What were your thoughts when you were asked to assume this role?

Carla Frick: At the beginning I thought: for God’s sake, why do they ask me now (laughs).

And? Why did they?

I know Stephan Salscheider from other projects and organizations in which we work together. He asked me. Of course I was also flattered that people chose me as a link between sports and culture. It wasn’t exactly like jumping in at the deep end, but it still caught me off guard (laughs). But they took me by the hand and said: Carla, no problem. It was mainly about getting input for the cultural side events and having the network for it.

Do you ride a bike?

No! I was a passionate cyclist during my time at university. But that was more of a city bike (laughs). But I really like to do sports. I went skiing last weekend. I don´t mind speed and airflow at all (laughs). I also like running very much. I have to keep fit for singing. I need air to belt out my arias.

So you had no contact with mountain biking before?

(Laughs). I have to admit that I really had nothing to do with cycling before. It’s not that I didn’t like it, but I didn’t really get anything out of it before, if I may put it that way. I found it fascinating that Albstadt is an important center for cycling. I liked that too, but I, personally, always stayed away from it. The weekends are working time for me. So it’s all the better that I can get a better impression now.

So you were never on site at the World Cup?

Yes I was. Last year, because I already knew I was on the organizing team. It was simply important for me to get to know the procedures, the course, the flair and to adapt a bit. I don’t just want to do my own thing, I want to be part of the whole.

And what was your impression?

The impression was great. It is a tough sport, not a harmless sport. The atmosphere was great, I really liked it. I’m still amazed at how they keep the whole thing going in the Bullentäle. It’s great to see how something is created there.


Carla Frick uses her musical network and her expertise to enhance the World Championship week with good entertainment outside the sporting events. She studied at the Leipzig University of Music and Theatre and has played major roles in various opera productions and feels also at home in the concert business. The freelance artist is also known as a jazz and pop performer. She performs with the band “Südlich von Stuttgart” and realizes her full potential in cross-over projects that combine classical and pop genres. In addition to all of that, Carla Frick gives singing lessons.


You decided early on to pursue a musical career.

That´s absolutely right. Even when I was at school, there was no doubt in my mind that I would do it professionally.

Was the direction already clear, too?

Classical music was my main hobby, yes. But since my studies I have also been doing a lot in the field of pop music. I’m very happy about that because it’s a great balance and because as a freelancer I have more fields of activity. Pop gives me a wider range than classical music, but I need both. By now, I can no longer imagine one without the other. I can consider myself lucky to get by as a freelancer. Not every musician can say that.

You probably share a passion for your cause with athletes.

Sure. I generally think that music and sports go well together. The joyful tension

before going on stage. And once you start, it´s going well.

Like after the starting signal.

Exactly. You have to be passionate about it. And it’s nice when the time, the energy and partly also the money you invest is rewarded in such a beautiful way.

With athletes, you would ask about their career highlights. How is that with you?

That’s hard to say. Sure, I like to reminisce about trips, like to China. But when I´m on stage, I´m actually grateful every time to be able to do this job and to be on stage with so many other great artists.

What projects are you currently working on?

At the moment we are working on an operetta in Balingen, Orpheus in the Underworld. A funny piece with current references.

You also teach voice training.

Yes, sometimes it is not easy to switch back and forth between the two fields.

But I’m sure it’s mutually beneficial, right?

Absolutely. I´m learning by teaching, because I ask myself every time I teach, why do I do it? It’s also interesting that in the World Championship organizing committee I get into the situation of booking fellow musicians. As a rule, I am always the one to be booked.

Which brings us back to the World Championships which is an outdoor sports event. What are the cultural aspects you will be accompanying the World Championships with?

In general, our aim is to present Albstadt with all its facets. Not only from a sporting but also from a cultural perspective. We will set up stages in Ebingen and in Tailfingen where during the event, or mainly after the races, local well-known artists or newcomers can perform. They are to provide a good atmosphere after the races, of course not only for the many visitors but for the locals as well. I presume that not everyone who lives here has something to do with cycling. Those people shouldn’t feel excluded, but should also get something out of it.

Could you tell us some of the program parts?

Not everything is written yet, but there are for example two young artists, two young pianists, who don´t mind electro music at all. For an after-show party, that is certainly a great thing.


After the initial scepticism, are you now enjoying your role in the World Championships organizing committee?

Yes, it´s amazing. It’s great to see how people help each other. After all, the World Championships is on a completely different level than the charity run in Ebingen or the Albstadt Bike Marathon. It’s great to see how everyone contributes what they can and how we put it all together for the big picture.


And what are you most looking forward to at the World Championships?

I will be incredibly happy when our plans become reality and everyone will keep Albstadt in good memory afterwards.


Carla Frick

Age: 29

Residence: Albstadt-Onstmettingen

Role: In charge of the musical cultural program during the World Championships

Training: Studied at the University Felix Mendelssohn Bartoldy in Leipzig with study courses in Germany and abroad

Parts als: Gretel in „Hansel and Gretel“, Christel in „Bird Seller“, Adele in „The Bat“

Singer for „Südlich von Stuttgart“

Singing teacher


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