This is the moment. Pulse is racing. Breath is speeding up. Concentration. It´s your race, too. Along the track you cheer for your stars. You suffer with them, you cheer for them – YOU CELEBRATE THEM!


The nations battle fort the titel in the Team Relay competition

With the relay, the World Championship will be opened in Albstadt. Albstadt will experience a premiere in 2020. For the first time, three female and three male riders will take part in each relay on the Alb. A “downgrade” within the gender is always possible. Thus, there could be a second female U23 rider instead of a woman from the elite. And how does it work? Everyone from the sextet rides one lap on the cross-country course. The next rider is sent into the race by touch. However, the trick is that the national coaches can choose the order they want. There are tactical variations and it remains exciting until the end.


The first E-mountainbike World Championships in Europe

The second World Championships on E-mountainbikes will be held in the Bullentäle. After the debut in Canada now for the first time on European soil. The athletes with a bike supported by an electric motor will ride on the usual cross-country course and thus look for their world champions among the women as well as among the men.


Juniors and Elite ride for gold in six categories

In six categories, over a varying number of laps, the world champion jerseys are awarded in the Olympic discipline of cross-country. On Friday, the juniors of the 2001 and 2002 age groups will compete for the wanted piece of clothing. On Saturday, it´s the women’s turn of the U23 category before the first big highlight follows with the Elite Women. On Sunday, the U23 men will go on the hunt for medals before the final showdown in the Elite Men´s event in the Bullentäle.