Foreign Minister Heiko Maas visits Albstadt

Albstadt resented itself from Friday to Sunday with a booth at the Track Cycling World Championship in the Berlin Velodrom. Foreign Minister Heiko Maas did not miss the opportunity to stop by at the Albstadt booth.

Foreign Minister Heiko Maas was among the 20,000 visitors. The minister, who comes from Saarland, revealed himself to be an enthusiastic cycling fan. It goes without saying that he also stopped by at the information booth of the Cross-Country World Championships. After all, Kim Ames, one of the best German elite cyclists, is also from Saarland.

Heiko Maas has entered the date at the end of June in his calendar and will try to visit the MTB World Championship in Albstadt. Beside Heiko Maas many visitors visited the booth of the Albstadt team. It turned out that the interest here in Berlin is not only for track cycling but for cycling in general. In the capital, Albstadt is already known as a stronghold for cycling not only due to the MTB Marathon but also because of Artistic Cycling and the Mountain Bike World Cup.

Not only do many of the people want to come to Albstadt as visitors and tourists, but they also want to be an active part of the World Championships and contribute to its success as volunteers.