Party &

You´re in bike fever.

You are hot and cold with excitement. The energy wants to pour out. Happiness screams out loud. What a weekend! It´s almost time to go to the party tent. In front of it, warm hosts will offer you invigorating treats – TAKE IT ALL IN!

Party and Catering

A World Championship with many sporting highlights includes suitable entertainment for young and old. We are currently working on offering visitors a diverse, varied and emotional supporting programme for all senses. Little by little we will fill this site with life, for a family event with high-tech and entertainment, with shows, music, party and lots of feasting.
Music enthusiasts, young and old, will get their money´s worth during the event days.
But also the culinary delights will not be forgotten. Those who spend the whole day in the festival area will eventually get hungry and thirsty. Thanks to a large number of volunteers from Albstadt´s sports clubs, a wide range of food and drinks will be on offer.
A large tent invites you to stay and is a good place to talk to the international and national bike stars and teams over a snack or a long meal.

Hier gibt es bald mehr zu entdecken.

Wir geben Vollgas und arbeiten im Moment daran, Dich auf unserer Internetseite mit Informationen und Wissenswertem zu versorgen. Dabei aktualisieren wir laufend. Bitte schau immer wieder vorbei, um auf dem neuesten Stand zu sein.
Wir freuen uns auf Dich!